Hey guys!
This is the second day of the 30 day writing challenge, and today I'm going to be writing about my first memory.

Disclaimer: I have memories before this one, it's just that i can't remember them that clearly.

My first clear memory was from my first day at school when I was 5 years old. Me and my family was living in norway at the time, and therefore one of the first thing we did was getting our equipment, because the school gives us a backpack and pencils,rulers and erasers.

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I remember we were a very small class, we were about 5 new studens in first grade, and since I never went to kindergarden I didn't know anyone, and I began crying when my parents was about to leave. But after a couple of minutes I calmed down, and for the rest of the day the only thing we did was playing games and getting to know eachother.

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