Ups and downs

During my wellness journey I have realized how important it is to be gentle to myself. Because we are only human, we slip out of track, fall behind our goals and lose our motivation. Even though you would know what you are supposed to do, unexpected things happen and we might not be able to do them.

  • Forgive yourself. Remember that long term success is more valuable than short term failure.
  • Make a new plan or make changes to your previous one. You can always go easier on yourself to make sure you stay consistent. And once you feel like you are back on track, you can challenge yourself more.
  • Take a break if needed.
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I have had my patella dislocated two times when I was a teenager and I still have knee pains every now and then. When I workout I try to make sure I do my exercises with a proper form. Also if my knee starts to hurt, I try to do something else instead or if it is not too bad, lower my weights. It is so great we have many alternative exercises. For example squats and lunges can be sometimes tricky for me so my alternative moves for booty are hip thrusts and deadlifts. If I want to train my quads I take smaller weights and do leg press and leg extensions. So if you have had injury:

  • Make sure you give your injury enough time to heal. Your doctor will tell you when it is ok to go back to the gym. You could also ask if you can train other muscle group. For example if you hurt your knee you maybe could still train your upper body.
  • Listen to your body. Do moves that doesn't hurt you and take care of your proper form when performing an exercise.
  • Drop weights if needed or do bodyweight exercises.
  • Do a good warmup before any workout. Stretch lightly before exercising. Dynamic 30sec stretches are great. After workout (30-60 minutes) do longer and more statistic stretches.
  • Make sure you have rest days.

The last two are also important even if you don't have an injury. They help you not to get one while working out.

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Getting sick

What if I get sick? It is flu season so it's possible. I try to prevent getting sick by taking care of my hand hygiene, taking my vitamin c and zinc supplements and drinking enough water. If you are feeling sick:

  • Listen to your body. Exercising usually makes you feel better at first but after a few hours you start to feel worse. If you have sore throat I wouldn't work out. If the flu is passing by light exercise might be good. Do not exercise if you are feeling really sick or have fever.
  • Use your sick days to take care of your body otherwise. Stretch, do yoga or meditate. Anything that doesn't lift your heartrate up (because your heart needs rest when you are sick).
  • Continue eating healthy and drinking water. Good diet is important when you are feeling sick, because it will help you get better. Your body also needs extra water when you are sick, especially if you have fever.
  • Sleep, rest, and give your body time to heal.
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Periods and PMS

These might affect your workouts and eating habits. I usually crave anything sweet before I get my period. Also I'm in a bad mood and I don't feel like working out. So, what helps me to stay on track while my hormones are going crazy:

  • To me it helps to know where I am at my period cycle so I can be prepared. At this point I know how I feel at each time of the month so I can plan my workouts accordingly. You can for example download an app to keep on track your moods during your cycle.
  • Before my period I make sure I mealprep or foodprep. That way I wont get too hungry and tempted to fastfood or sweets when I get my PMS.
  • If my PMS symptoms are really bad, I take a day or two to not workout. Sometimes I try to do my weekly workouts in before I get too moody.
  • I like to exercise when I'm on my period. It helps me with period cramps and I feel better afterwards.
  • I try not to eat any extra salt because I feel bloated anyway.
  • And I like to make sure I get enough water, 2,5-3 litres a day. Obviously drinking is important when you are bleeding.
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I hope you liked it. New article coming on Sunday. Thanks for reading!