ℭhristmas is coming quicker then you think and with office/class gift exchanges happening in early December now is probably the best time to get your gift shopping out of the way.
Now in case, you're stuck for ideas I've made a super huge list of gift ideas.

ℭoffee addict:
-a small bag of specialty coffee ($20)
-coffee scoop and clip ($10.98 on Amazon)
-mug/travel mug $10-$20)
-fancy teaspoon

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Bit girly:
-face mask
-milk and honey by Rupi Kaur ($20.35)
-perfume Calvin Klein ($39)
-slippers ($15-$25)
-lush bath bombs ($8.95-$12)
-Polaroid printer ($199 probably for someone you really like)
-hand cream ($12-$30)
-daily planner (from Kiki.k $30-$80)

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-flavored oil ($24 from Williams Sonoma)
-local honey
-cookie cutters and wooden spoons ($8-$20)
-an apron ($14 - $30 from Williams Sonoma)
-a cookbook

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Sweet tooth:
-gingerbread cookies
-cake scented candle
-nice macaroons
-birthday cake Oreos
-jumbo pack of lollies

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-notebook or sketchbook
-muji pens ($6 each)
-pretty paint brushes

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Nature lovers:
-picnic blanket
-cute plant pot
-soy wax candle

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Other good ideas
-moon lamp ($37 or salt lamp $12-$40)
-pop vinyl ($16-$20)
-charger or headphones
-power bank
-reusable shopping bags or straws (moving to a more eco-friendly world)

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*Diy: *
-bracelets, use string and add beads or a wire shape
-home baked good like shortbread

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Hi, thanks for reading! I hope you got at least one or two ideas from my list.
if you have any requests for an article you want me to write please pm me.

here's a link to my Christmas shortbread (gluten-free) recipe.