It was the morning of a very cold day…

using my hands i gently rub my eyes as i look at my alarm clock on the nightstand beside me

5:09 AM

As i unplug my phone from the charger i uncover myself from the blanket and slip my fuzzy socks on .

I peeked through the curtains to see if the sun had already came up but it didn’t it was a glowing purple sky.

I pressed my hands on the window and suddenly felt the cold shivers down my spin, as I took my hands off the window slowly, I could see a trace my hand left behind, but it slowly faded.

As i closed the curtains i became a little cold so i got into a grey soft cotton jacket .

Thursday 31-10-2018 was the date, the time 5:12 AM

As i looked around the cold breezy room 180 degree angle, my eyes stoped at a bag then i remember i had school.

I got up and my cold feet that are covered by the socks touched the floor of my room, my room has temperatures changing floor that i could control over .

i immediately grabbed my phone and searched the website of my school to check my schedule for that day.

Schedule :
-block 1
Art -> 1hrs and 45 minutes
-block 2
English -> 1hrs 45minutes
-Free block
both-> 2hrs and 90 minutes
-Free block

I directly went to my bag and started packing my books after that i went up to my bed and collapsed there, i went on my phone for few minutes and got up to open my fairy lights

5:17 AM

the room was filled with a very dimmed light and the sounds of the blowing air conditioner, also with the very feminine and flowery scent of perfume spreading all over

as i opened the bathroom door it lead out a very tiny creak, I opened the mason jar that was filled with LED light bulbs that was in the bathroom and closed the door shut and locked it.

Then i washed my face with the warm water, and got a shower

5:27 AM

got out and cuddled with the towel then peeked again from the curtains, the sky was blue and glowing

i put some comfy cloths and laid back in bed on my phone watching youtube videos

“tak…..tikk….tk..” i peeked through the curtains for the third time the sky was a light pink shade and it was raining softly, i could see my window getting blurry from the raindrops that lands on them

i got up straight from the bed and walked half way through the room where the exit door is and opened it

i walked in the hallway of the huge house until i reached the elevator, the hallways had artistic painting down the way and hand stitched long rugs and ting lights surrounding the ceiling of the hallway that changed into white and light yellow every minute

when i got to the elevator i pressed the button and waited for it to come up, when it did it made a very soft “ting” sound that i found relaxing it wasn’t too loud since the noise sounds in the elevator were on sleeping mode so its soft and very low sounds

as the glossy and shimmery sliding doors open i step in and the warmer was on making me feel goosebumps

i really liked it in there it has soft lights and warm temperature thats very calming


to be continued….