"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants"

Dresses, boys, hairstyles, diets... Prom is a complete headache, we must admit it. As a girl who is graduating this year I thought it would be fun to speak up and tell the truth about prom for a lot of people: it's overrated.

I mean, we all love to look amazing and for our prom we put an extra effort on it, but the pressure is HUGE so we don't get to enjoy it as much as we should.

Today I'm going to give you some tips I've recently discovered to handle this stressful night perfectly and be able to have fun before and during it. I need to be honest with you: I feel a little bit weird because of writing this, I've never being a N°1 fan of prom so I don't mean to offend anyone who really like it. Just have in consideration that I'm trying to help anyone who doesn't feel sure or comfortable with this tradition to handle it on a chillier way.


For me this is really important because it's our last chance to show ourselves to our school classmates before we stop seeing each other for, probably, forever. You must choose something you feel comfortable in, don't pick a dress just because it's pretty and you don't feel confident when wearing. Imagine going to prom with something that makes you feel insecure with your body or just doesn't fits right. Be careful, when you find the right dress then your heart will know so don't rush things.

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Not as important as it seems tbh. Here you have three options: stress because you can't find a date, go with your friends or go alone. Personally, I'm going alone. Most of my friends are taking dates but I'm not interested on spending my evening with a boy I barely know (like a lot of girls I know are doing AND ARE COMPLETELY FREE TO DO BECAUSE IT'S THEIR CHOICE). Although I'm considering to go with a friend just in case everyone goes with a date and I'm left alone.
But, if you want to go with a boy or girl (c'mon, 2018, take whoever you want) then you should feel comfortable with him or her, you deserve more than a stranger you just don't feel chemistry with.

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First of all: love yourself. Your body is precious, every inch of it deserves to be loved and valued because trust me when I say that it doesn't matter how many people find you beautiful: until you believe that you're stunning (trust me you are) then you won't feel ok.

If you still want to lose some pounds/kilograms before this "important" date then let me recommend you the "Scardale Diet" (you lose seven kilos in two weeks). Also vergetarian soup diets (a kilo per day), it helped me lose some weight a few months ago. REMEMBER TO EXERCISE, you will lose more weight. There are plenty of healthy snacks, or low cal snacks if you love junk like me, that will help you with your cravings.

Just please: don't stop eating. As an anorexic on recovery, I can tell you that you never really get over you ed. It's really dangerous and it's not worth it.

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I don't believe having a really difficult and produced hairstyle is an essential, but if you like it then go for it. Make sure it fits your face features (I have a round face so I look like a potato or a little kid most of the time) so you look amazing.

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Not a fan of applying it on my face but I love how it looks. If you want then you can wear as much as you like, but remember that it isn't necessary for you to be beautiful.

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I repeat: you look amazing the way you are. You don't need to change to please others, fuck what others think, just be yourself.

Remember to have fun, the objective of this tradition is to have fun. Also, remember to include on your group anyone you see lonely, it sucks to be alone on this kind of stuff.

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