Hi! This time I will tell you about the beautiful Iguazú Falls. They are located on the border of Misiones (Argentina) and Paraná (Brazil). Near them is the Triple Frontier, where the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet. I stayed in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, not in the city but in the Iryapú Jungle in a hotel that’s located in a nature reserve, so –because of time- I didn´t really know Puerto Iguazú. At the end, I will let you a list of things that I didn’t do but you should.

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Of course the most important thing to do is visit the Iguazú Falls, I suggest you to spend one day on the argentine side and one day on the Brazilian side. In Argentina you will find more panoramic views but there are balconies where you will be very near to the waterfalls. In both places you will get wet because there are places where you can be very near to the water.

You have to see the Falls from every side because they are really grand, beautiful and breathtaking. Being there I felt the power of the nature.

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The color of the water varies based on the weather and the season. It can be blue, brown, red, green...

The Great Adventure

You have to do this, it’s a unique experience! I think that you can do it in both sides but I will tell you how it was for me in the argentine side. The tour starts in a 4x4 vehicle where the guide will tell you a little bit about the place, the plants and the animals while they take you near the river. Then, you will go down some stairs to get to a boat.

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Once you are on board you will sail through de river and to the Falls and there they will give you the Fire Baptism, what is that? It means that you will get shower in the waterfalls! The boat approaches as much as it can so you will get completely wet. The view from below the waterfalls is just amazing, and don’t worry it’s totally safe.

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I don't know if this is a common thing in Foz do Iguaçu but the two days I went to a restaurant named Rafain to an All you can eat, or in spanish: tenedor abierto. As you must know, you pay a unique price for all the things that you can eat and the drinks will be charge separate.

In this place you will find EVERYTHING! There were all kinds of meat, pork, cow, chicken, ribs, etc., sushi, pasta, rices, fruits, salads and a table full of different desserts, cakes, ice cream, and everything you can imagine, it’s absolutely delicious!

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If you go in the night, you will find a show about the traditional music and dance of some of the Latin-American countries, like Perú, Colombia, Mexico, and others.

Things I didn't do but you should

Go to the city and walk, buy and eat! You can also go to Foz do Iguaçu and do the same things. Hike or trek in Sendero Macuco, visit a community of Guarani Yriapu, the bottles house or Itaipu Dam.

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This is an amazing place to enjoy nature and meet people, I really recommend that you include this place in your bucket list, it's definitely a must do.