I´ve been in we heart it for a long time now, first i started only seeing pictures then i made an account after many time time with my account i started posting some pictures mostly edits i made. From here i uploaded pictures i took or that i was in at this time i thought this will be the top i could reach in this platform but then articles came by, the fists articles i made wasn’t good at all but it was definitely a fun hobby. Writing has always been difficult for me because i always thought that i didn’t had enough creativity to make something like the beautiful articles i read and i could never be good writing something that wasn’t even in my own language. Now almost a year after my first article i can say im getting so much better at this, its almost easy to write one two or three paragraphs of any topic this was what i told myself some weeks ago and now i know its not entirely true. This past days i had an assignment to make an easy speech about any topic i wanted after reading the instructions i thought it will be so easy for me because of my experience with articles but no it was actually so hard to write that speech it was hard even choosing the topic of my speech and writing it was almost torture, i didn’t had any ideas my brain was dying.

the office, funny, and screaming image

Of course after two days i finally finished it, but it left an effect in me i started having te same thoughts from some years ago i don’t have enough creativity, what im going to do with my life if i can’t write a simple speech.
Today i had all of this thoughts in my head after a while thinking about it i realized that yes maybe im not the person with most creativity in the world but i actually have a lot. Things like creativity can’t be measured and forced you need to believe in yourself in capacities you now you have and practice more those that you’re not so good at. Most importantly be kind to yourself, be positive about your capacities and always give a second chance to yourself.

If you finished this I really love you 💗
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