"Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked."
Who Am I?
" My name's... Ni Wa. "

It means garden, in japanese.

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Each strand of hair will be white. Silver eyes, bright as the moon.
Where Am I From?
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Fire Nation.
Element Who I bend...
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Ni Wa was born into an aristocratic family, surrounded by luxuries and exetricism. She grew up with a cowardly father, and a relatively absent mother, leaving her in the care of a little sister.
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One day, her family was called to live next to the royal palace, by orders of the fire lord, Azulon. That's when he met two very peculiar people, the princess, Azula, and the prince, Zuko. They were destined to be friends, and live together.
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As they grew, their differences were more evident. Azula was determined, and sure. Zuko was shy, also a dreamer. Ni Wa... between them, was really lost.
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At the age of thirteen, their families stopped in a town, near to the forest for a weekend. During those mini-vacation the tragedy happened. Azula, Zuko and Ni Wa went to explore deep into the forest, to see the waterfall with more clarity.
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When they met there Azula proposed a game, this consisted in pretending to be waterbenders. Without noticing, the game was becoming more and more aggressive; Azula did not stop whipping water to Ni Wa, with the excuse of making the scene more realistic. Zuko started to get angry with his sister's attitudes, and left. Azula saw the opportunity, and said "- If you hold your breath, I will have mercy."
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As the seconds passed, Ni Wa's life was fading. There was no mercy in Azula's eyes, no matter how much the young girl prayed under water. After five minutes later, Ni Wa floated lifeless in the small lagoon. From one moment to another, Azula's amusement turned into fear; upon seeing the body of her deceased friend, she ran out to seek help.
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Finally alone, the spirit of Ni Wa left her body. She never felt that kind of peace, and that kind of pain at the same time. With fear, Ni Wa could see herself floating. Oh, life, how she could felt a deep and terrifying loneliness? As if that fate had given her such an early and horrendous end was deserved. Murdered by her own friend. Then, a light began to emanate from the sky, the moon. Ni Wa see a bright light coming down from the heavens, which ended up taking the shape of a koi fish. When that light touched the water, instantly the hair of Ni Wa's lifeless body turned white, her eyebrows and eyelashes too. He saw the fish in his eyes, who knows how to tell her "- Come back, Ni Wa, it is not yet time. Come back, grow, and live, your unfair destiny will be rewritten." Then, Ni Wa breathed.
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When she came back to life, Ni Wa decided that she should escape, immediately. Surely, Azula would come back with help, or who knows, Ni Wa was determined to flee anyway. Fear, anguish, loneliness, couldn't even say goodbye to her own little sister, the only person who needs her; or Zuko, her only friend. With only thirteen years, Ni Wa fled the Fire Nation in less than a month.
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After months of fleeing, he ended up finding an abandoned city completely suspended in the air. Ni Wa felt a tingling inside her heart and bones, so she began to do fire control in all directions, almost burning an old man of whom she had no idea. That man, laughing, greeted. "- Hi, I'm the guru Lee Wei, nice to meet you, Moon Children."
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Ni Wa asked him, why he calls her Moon Children. The guru answered that, every 100 years, the moon saves the lives of four pure souls, one for each nation. The moon saves their lives, and as proof leaves a distinctive mark on them, white hair. "- You must to be too lucky, or too battered. It's a pleasure to see you alive.".
Where I lived?
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On the Western Temple Of Air.
Main Enemy...
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Growing up for three years with the guru, she losted all attachment to negative worldly feelings, like rancor, nostalgia, and thirst for revenge. Ni Wa has no enemies.
Close Friends...
Moon's Children.
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Once the guru Lee Wei told her about the story of Moon's Children, Ni Wa started to learn about the Spirit World. The guru explained that everything and everyone, in this life, are connected; but sometimes that intensifies when the bonds that unite us have been interfered with. Neither Wa is the only one that the moon has saved throughout history, therefore, throughout the world she has many brothers and sisters, called the children of the Moon, as well as the avatar, each of their lives are connected in one.
Aang, the last airbender.
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One day, after the day of the solar eclipse, a group of people stormed the Western Air Temple. They were all young, and among them, a boy stood out. He was bald, and his body was painted with blue tattoos. Aang, the avatar. Or, as Ni Wa knew him, a special Moon's Child.
Love Interest...
Zuko, Prince of the Fire Nation.
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When Zuko's father defied him as a child, Ni Wa was there for him.
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Whe Ni Wa disappeared that day on the Lake, Zuko decided to find her. No matter how, or when.
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The guru has visions of both, that he told her after died five months ago. " Your love'll be back." And, that day, at the Western Air Temple, they were reunited.
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After the war, the entire group decided to move to Ba Sing Se. It was then that Zuko and Ni Wa were, finally, able to talk.
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Finally. No danger, no war. Ni Wa's finally free. Free, to find her little sister.


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