Liberty is an 18-year-old girl, she’s got dark skin and dark curly hair, she’s medium height and has a curvy body.

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About her:

Liberty lives in New Orleans, and although she has a good relationship with her parents she lives in her own apartment which she adores.

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Liberty has always fought for her rights and she doesn’t let anyone to discriminate her for being a black strong woman, she’s part of the hippie, the feminist and the black movement.

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Her passions are painting and drawing and she dreams to be a famous painter one day.

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Liberty is kind, loyal, badass, tolerant, hardworking, she’s always smiling and she’s a flower child.

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She loves plants, books, flowers and the colour yellow.

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Her style is bohemian, casual and comfy.

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Hogwarts House:

Very Hufflepuff.

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Random Facts:

➳ nickname: lib
➳ favourite food: salads
➳ favourite flower: sunflowers

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