Yesterday I heard a tragic new that saddens my heart. One church that I used to attend it's closing its doors. Sadly, this church forms part of the long list of institutions that tend to focus on quantity over quality. As long as their benches are crowded with "robots" listening, the authorities and leaders are happy, not realizing this happiness and content come to an end.

These last days, this church was experiencing a couple of difficulties due to its members lack of commitment to the Lord. Their years of listening were just accumulated on their heads, however, it did not reach it's goal: the heart♥️😔 Due to this they were not producing any fruits.

Take a look! I want to make my point clear, I am not here to criticize them, instead to bring some words of encouragement to the population of real Christians out here. First of all, just look at how the devil is constantly attacking us, we get so used to the materialism that we tend to overlook what truly matters. Christianism is not just about going to church every Sunday and adhering to "some" of the principles of the Bible. Christianism is so much more. When God calls you to repent, you know you're leaving your old self away and becoming a new self through Christ who gives you strength. Jesus gave himself for you, and if you have repented is because God has chosen you to become his ambassador. He has given you the opportunity to represent Him here on earth🌎💕

Unfortunately, the majority of us "Christians" take a long time to understand this. Our closed minds are not able to comprehend that through his sacrifice He clearly demonstrated that He loves us more than anything, however, what are we giving to Him?! Are we giving Him our dreams, our time, our aspirations, our life?! What are we giving ? 🤔 Or are we just there sitting every Sunday at the pulpit thinking everything is alleviated? No, His dear follower you need to start doing something, you need to start working on His behalf. You are here to defend His mighty name and reflect His holy light 👣♥️
But tell me, how are we going to do that? If just calling yourself a Christian around others embarrases you, if just praying before eating is a hard task to complete because we are bombarded by "what are they going to say about me?" But what about: What is Jesus going to say about me?!?

I can assure you, this is not the only church closing, there are many around the world that are closing their doors and we need to be prepared! This is a low blow to Jesus, as it is for us, His followers. It is time to rise in His name, put on the armor of the Holy Spirit and defend His name wherever we go! It is time for us to wake up and start sharing with others what He has done for you, and what He can do for them!!!

His dear follower if you are feeling discouraged, please take a quick look at the cross. He suffered every whip, every spit and each insult for your sake. Is that not enough?!? Our messed society is constantly turning their eyes away from Him, I urge you don't be one of them!

If you love Him, let Him work through you and show everyone around you that the Great Commission is your only mission ♥️👣

Keep fighting His dear follower!💕