I have tears in my eyes
yet everyone ignores it
they walk past me stepping on my broken pieces
pretending they never saw me
pretending i was never there
they talk as if they are higher
as if i would never matter
but why would I
im simply a broken teen that has nothing to live for
no place to call home
this ground i sit on now is the same ground i lay on at night
these voices in my head keep me awake at night
im drowning in their noise
i try scream for help
but i cant make a single sound
the voices in my head get louder
they're screaming
i beg for help yet no one hears me
no one notices my broken pieces everywhere
i cant put myself back together anymore
i just keep braking
with no one is there to help put me back together
they've all left me here alone
im starting to fade
all feeling gone
simply a blank sheet with some scars
nothing more
just another broken teen walking around with a mask