so what if i want you back
what if i really do miss you
what if after everything i really do love you
but what if these feelings won’t last when i get you back
do i actually miss you or do i miss not being alone
but the way you acted yesterday when that girl was so drunk she couldn’t even walk- you were being so protective of someone you don’t even know that much or probably don’t even care about that much about.
but that’s your thing, right
you just care so much about everyone
and i wanted to kiss you
and i wanted to tell you that your feelings for me are mutual
and i wanted to hold you
and i wanted you back
but i didn’t
and i’m scared

and people noticed
and people asked
and people assumed
so you did notice as well, right
you won’t give up on us after a while
when i’m too dumb enough to make a
move, right?
please be patient & wait for me