hello fellow hearters,

so i've been on whi for a while now and i've loved every minute of it (mostly because it gives me an excuse to keep on looking at pictures whenever i get tired of instagram), but lately i've been mia. i've realized that as wonderful as whi is, i don't really feel part of the community, which i know is out there. therefore, this is me putting myself out there, letting you guys know that i exist. i actually thought of doing like a little get-to-know-me thing, but i realized that not many people may care or be entertained by what my favorite ice cream flavor is or whatever. so i guess what i'm trying to say is if you like my collections and want to get to know me a bit more, then don't be shy to shoot me a message or something because i really want to feel like i belong to the wonderful whi community.

wow sorry, that ended up being much longer than anticipated, congrats if you made it to here, i truly appreciate it ❤

lol how awkward would it be if no one sees this