Basically, this is my private wishlist, consisting of things I want, in general. I will ask my parents for some of these things for Christmas, others for my birthday, others I will get myself from the money I saved up working.


  • cigarettes after sex by cigarettes after sex

-> For real, it's probably the best album ever and I can just see myself still loving it when I'm 93, so why not get a vinyl.

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  • a watch

-> I never had a really nice watch, but my classmates do. I think it's a good investment, since it's so rude to look at your phone in concerts (I'm talking classical music with orchestras here), theatre etc (and probably it's even darkened, so everyone is gonna see it and glare at you). Honestly, I can't remember how often I wanted to know the time, and just couldn't look at my phone.

  • a handbag

-> I only have a backpack, so I've always wished I had a nice handbag for certain outfits.

  • Dior perfume

-> I know that sounds SO incredibly posh, but I would literally wear any fragrance by Dior that I ever got to smell, because DAMN, it's like heaven on earth! In my eyes, no other brand could ever compare.

  • sunglasses

-> I don't own any, again, and they just look like such fun accessories.

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Every birthday and Christmas, I ask the people closest to me to give me their favorite book at the moment, with a brief explanation in the front, what they loved so much about it.)
Otherwise (if they don't have the money for a book right now, or don't have a new favorite since the last one they gave me) I am equally happy about a self-made bookmark, since all my friends are so talented. They'll make wonderful little sketches on them, or cut them in animal form - it's honestly incredible.


  • a belt

-> No idea where my last one went, RIP honey, I still love you.

  • nice sleepwear

-> I usually sleep in sweatpants and old t-shirts, and I just want to have something nice in case anyone ever wants to invite me for a sleepover.. which is not gonna happen... but i'd like to be prepared.

  • jeans

-> Believe it or not: I don't have any high-waisted jeans, but read recently, that they are great for my body type, and since my legs are short anyway, I really want a pair or two. If I took two pairs, they would be black and light blue

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That's it :) What do you guys want for Christmas/Hanukkah etc?