I'm about to turn 17 and i realize I've never been in love.
And more than that i've never kissed or even dated a guy. And you'll all say "you're still young, you have time for that" but the thing is that i feel like i need a boyfriend right now. I don't know why because i don't feel lonely, I mean it's totally okay for me to be on my own, i don't feel bad or depressed or anything. It's just that I need someone to love, someone i'll be close to... Of course i have my best friends which i'm really close to and who i can tell everything, but i need a different kind of love.

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Also, I feel like fall and winter are lovers seasons. I mean it's a total mood to lay in bed with someone you love, watching series with a hot chocolate or just walking in the street during winter time, holding hands and looking at Christmas lights. Or maybe i'm just being so cliché. Anyway I wanted to share this with you to feel a little less alone i guess...

Soo if like me you've never been in a relationship don't hesitate to tell me how you feel about it ! And if you are or already have been, you can also tell me how it really is, how you met your bf/gf...

Thanks for reading me.
-- Flo, with love. ♡

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