O C T O B E R - new releases

without me - halsey

quotes, random, and wallpaper image halsey, without me, and love image Indie Pop, halsey, and spotify image Temporarily removed

breakaway - lennon stella

nashville, tv show, and lennon & maisy image black and white, cool, and fire image cool, hair, and indie image beautiful, indie, and Queen image

kiss and make up - dua lipa & blackpink

Image removed Image removed jennie and blackpink image icon, jisoo, and lisa image

1999 - charli xcx & troye sivan

troye sivan and charli xcx image 1999, badass, and OMG image Image by aa troye sivan image

bbibbi - iu

iu, 아이유, and bbibbi image Image removed asian, pretty, and bbibbi image iu image

human - maggie lindemann

maggie lindemann image girl, maggie lindemann, and tumblr image Image removed Image removed

it's not living (if it's not with you) - the 1975

Image removed the 1975, band, and music image Mature image new album, new music, and the 1975 image

suffer - petit biscuit (ft. skott)

blogging, chaos, and content image black, grunge, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed 70s, disco, and party image

polaroid - jonas blue, liam payne, & lennon stella

clothes, goals, and kiss image hq, solo, and jonas blue image lennon stella image beautiful, liam payne, and one direction image