I'm not sober anymore

I get high off the feelings you supply
But this isn't high, this is trip
This is me running and I slip
But for you I would give my left hip
If you weren't already attached to me

I'm sorry your hearts broken,
and you cry every night
I promise if I could, I would protect you all day,
and never let you out of my sight

Just like you protected me as a child,
the roles have reversed
and just like that the bubble burst
and I knew I'd always put you first

I remember you telling me you were cursed
by the woman whom you cared for her child
Do you think it's that serious? Or is it just mild
Thoughts of gloom, that bitch riding on her broom
Soon you will bloom, you'll be ok again

I love you with all my heart
The damage he caused will never part
From you, or I, or she
But one day, you will bloom
No more will be doom