Hi, beautiful people!
It's been a while! I've written music and show related articles, but what about some Youtube channels? Quite surprised I haven't thought about this earlier because that platform is literally my life, no joke. I feel like watching videos on there for so many years made me "build" a taste or preference of types of people I choose to watch, so here we go.
Writing about popular youtubers seemed a bit boring to me because we all might have heard of them, but I want to help you guys find about "smaller" youtubers who deserve recognition, in my opinion.

1) Marla Catherine

beauty, fashion, and girl image
First of all, how cute is she? Her bigger sister helps her with filming and editing her videos and she takes pictures of her, like this one. I like that Marla is acting natural, she has an amazing personality, awesome thrifting videos and really cool outfits. She usually wears natural makeup and I've learned a few bits from her, I feel like her comunity feels comfortable and close with/to her because she's open about everything. Go check her out if you haven't already!

2) Avrey Ovard

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Another beautiful gal. I've been watching her bigger sister (Aspyn Ovard) for a few years so that's how I came across Avrey on Youtube and I don't regret it. In fact she's friends with Marla, how cool! Again, very cool style, editing on point, the whole "aesthetic" is calming, warm and very teenage-y (I know that's not a word haha). She's acting very mature for her age (she is 16) and seeing how much she's grown in the past few years is truly amazing.

3) Conan Gray

aesthetic, blue, and nature image
Absolutely adorable!! I'm obsessed with his hair, omg. (fangirling right now). So Conan is not only a youtuber but he also makes music and his songs are pure joy, just saying. Recently he released 2 songs and they are both so good, very well made. His videos make me relaxed, the way he talks, what advice he gives, he is very chill in general I would say. The world needs more boys like him, hopefully this last phrase made you look up his name on Youtube.

4) Anastasia Kingsnorth

anastasia, beauty, and girls image
Here's Anastasia, on the more "entertaining" side of Youtube. She's a British youtuber and her creativity never disappoints me. Her channel is mostly oriented towards makeup, 24 hour challenges, pranks/suprising her family, food and other stuff. I suggest you to check her second channel up as well, where she vlogs almost every single day. I like it, you can see the other side of her life, personality etc.

And that was it! I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any Youtuber suggestions or recommendations, ideas for posts or even if you liked it or not, please let me know. I could do more parts if you thought this was interesting.

Thank you so much for taking your time. Stay positive. Have a nice day!!

Much love, Christine Xx