the day after they go with bts at the karaoke and the have fun one last time all together
bts, jimin, and jungkook image jin, sing, and bts image
then rm runs into Jennie of blackpink by chance, they look at each other for some times and then
kpop, jennie, and blackpink image

Je: hey
Rm: hi
Je: have a good time
Rm: you too
Jh: what was that!!
Jm: uooo
Rm: she's just a friend, it's a long story
Iu: so you're going all alone in a trip... without us
Jk+tae: we're so sorry...
Suga: but also hyuna and the staff will be with us
Au sad: ah also hyuna * I don't have a good feeling about it again

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Jk looks at iu singing *why do i have to leave her now! It's impossible not to see her for a long time... I don't want the others to see me sad, I'll go out for sometimes
when iu finishes singing she reaches jk

Iu: hey don't be so sad, all will be okay

bts, jungkook, and jk image
He looks at her so intensively and then kisses her like he never did
then they return all home

Tae: let's write us every moment
Au: of course
Tae: that's a promise
Au: now let's watch a movie together

couple, ulzzang, and asian image couple, korean, and ulzzang image
They hug while watching it

When it finishes
Tae: I want to stay like this for a little more

Audrey thinks and then she stands up and seats on tae's body looking at him paralyzed
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Au: can I do something?
Tae: mmh of course *what the hell?!?!?!

she unbottons his shirt....
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beauty, edit, and icon image
Tae: what the fucking hell ?!?!?!?!?!

To be continued...