I was bored, so I just made this :)
btw this was inspired by @skumfxk

1 - what's your eye color?

eyes, blue, and eye image

2 - what's your natural hair color?

bob and braid image beautiful, beauty, and blue eyes image
kinda light but still dark brown.

3 - favorite singer?

Temporarily removed Image removed
ariana freakin grande. ๐Ÿ˜

4 - favorite color?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed pink, adidas, and shoes image perfume, dior, and rose gold image
rose gold/ light pink.

5 - zodiac sign?

Halloween image

6 - siblings?

Temporarily removed
a little brother.

7 - favorite food?

cheesy, dinner, and food image food, pasta, and delicious image
any kind of pasta tbh.

8 - favortite animal?

animal, water, and deer image

9 - what langauges can you speak?

ancient, architecture, and art image london, Big Ben, and city image
i speak danish, english and a little german.

10 - where do you want to travel to?

city and tokyo image Temporarily removed
japan and australia.

11 - what's your favorite movie?

ratatouille and disney image lindsay lohan and the parent trap image
ratatouille and the parent trap (yes i'm litteraly a child).

12 - have you ever been in love?

couple, the weeknd, and bella hadid image

13 - are you single or in a relationship?

beauty, girl, and makeup image

14 - favorite tv show?

riverdale image Image removed

15 - favorite season?

flowers, yellow, and nature image cafe, france, and paris image