Hey, beautiful people! How’re you? I hope that your first response is “freakin’ wonderful” but it’s okay if it’s not. With low grades, broken hearts, family problems, sometimes it’s hard to keep your head above the water. With that in mind, I posted the question “What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?” to my Instagram story and I’ve received lots of amazing responses! Here are a couple responses in hopes that they get you through a tough time.

1. “There’s gonna come a point in your life where you need to be selfish. If you keep giving all of you to other people and letting everything they do control the way you feel and the way you do things, you’ll never move forward.” –Ariel

2. “Don’t let the crown slip.” – K

Do not ever doubt that you are a warrior goddess that can conquer whatever life throws at you.

3. “Smile even when you’re upset. It’ll make your anger or frustration go away 100 times faster.” – Nirvana

Science approved - smiling can actually trick your brain into feeling better since it causes a release of happy hormones.

4. “Everything happens for a reason.” – Darion

Trust the process.

5. “Life isn’t scripted.” – S

A lot of things don’t go as expected and you can’t control what happens. (It is important to learn to adapt and control your reaction to it.)

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6. “Don’t change for anyone.” – SJ

7. “People will always have something to say about you, no matter what you do. Live life to best suit yourself.” – A

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8. “There’s always gonna be critics. You decide if you’re gonna let them beat you or motivate you.” – Tyler

9. “Be good to yourself. Everything will fall into place.” – DJ Optimus

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10. “The pain of sacrifice is less than the pain of regret.” – Em

11. “Your journey is different.” – Em

12. “Happiness is a choice.” – Var

13. “Your only competition is you.” – Boyfriend

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