When the thought of death makes you smile,
Know it is the devil thinking, not you.
When the thought of slitting your veins sounds liberating,
Know it is the struggle talking, not you.
When the thought of choking seems to make you breathe more easily,
Know it is Satan himself, not you.
So stop love and just breathe,
Don't do it.

There is someone out there who will die if you die tonight,
You are not alone, you never will be,
because there is surely someone with a similar struggle as you,
or if not that,
Then at least someone with similar likes like you,
Same music choice,
Same love for winter and warm wine,
Same love for hikes and the climb,
Same obsession with gummy bears and brie,
Same love for beaches and the smell of the sea,
Or anything for that matter.

So don't do it today or any other day love,
Because even if you can't see it right now,
You light up someone's day or give someone hope.
And if you want a tag for who it is you are saving,
Just know,
It is me.
You being alive gives me hope to survive,
So please don't do it.
Because I need you now and forever more.