i was getting lost on twitter when i saw a friend tweeting :

“ to the ones complaining abt their life, your life is a fairytale next to what some live, so stop complaining” and…

i’m sure she had some good intentions posting this (i think?), but i feel like she really did not think the whole thing through.

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it makes me sad when people are trying to tell you your pain isn’t valid. because it fucking is.
from the moment you feel sad, depressed, bad,... you’re valid. and you complaining IS valid.

ofc, at first i’m mad too when someone complains when they have a 18/20 and i have a 9/20 bc well... it can be annoying..
BUT i don’t know their life. maybe they worked 10x more than me, hours to get a better grade & they are disappointed. who am i to say they shouldn’t ?

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what i mean is that you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, even when it’s your friend, even when it’s your best friend.
maybe they don’t tell you everything, and even if they did, you don’t know how it feels in their head, mind & heart.
so perhaps something that is nothing to you is very painful to someone else.

  • yes, someone probably has it harder than me, someone is starving, and i’m fully aware of that. but that doesn’t mean i’m not allowed to feel depressed & sad bc i feel like shit.
  • and my sadness is valid. i have no control over it anyway, and if i could feel better, i swear that i would. why are we trying to judge others like we’re some kind of gods ? ‘cause i’m pretty none of us are.
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-saying that people shouldn’t complain is not helping anyone. really.
it’s not helping the ones that are starving. are you doing anything for them at all ? probably not.
-and it’s not helping the ones who feel sad/depressed neither; it’s actually making them feeling more shitty and bad abt themselves. so, by doing that, you’re not helping anyone & you’re making things worse.
-so, what does it bring to the world ? no good for sure.

last year, i was at a point i was sinking in my own sadness. i self-harmed and had suicidal thoughts. and these kind of post made me feel like the biggest shit, bc, you know, “some have it worse”.

so, if you’re in this position now, let me tell you that : it gets better. your pain, the one you feel will never leave, it will if you gather you courage. and this pain, it is valid.
cry as much as you want abt it, and complain abt it, and talk to someone abt it, that’s the most important.
don’t let anyone make you think your the problem. because you have done nothing wrong.

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as i say in all my posts, take care, i love you.
if you want to come talk to me, i’ll be 100% happy and i’m bored all the time.

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