Hi guys!

So... I guess I feel a little nostalgic today and for that reason I decided to write this article. Not really sure what it is; maybe I'm just letting out of what's inside. Pouring my feelings out through images, words, songs, colors... Whatever way I find to express myself.

I hope it touches you.

I feel like starting with a poem that I just read here:

Leave me like they do

_I've had my fun _
-I've had my laughs_
With you

You've shared your truths
You're breaking through
Leave me like they do

The other kids
Are peeking through
The cracks in the floor
The walls
The door

You wrung me out
I've said it all
But it's happened before

I thought I was safe
Thought I found my place
With you
But you'll leave me
Like they do

One after another
I'm picked up and left
For somebody better
When am I enough?

One after each other
I never learn from my mistakes
You left me
Like they do

- Angel xx

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There's some sort of vibe going on in my head that's warming up my soul today.

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Looking at all of this put together I realized what I'm feeling. Even tho november is just starting, something else is ending for me and those contradictory feelings got me all weird up.

I feel like that's a topic for some other day.