• First, Listen : Sorry - Halsey
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Dear Friend/Crush/Boy,
Hm, I know that's hard to give you a place in my life, right now. I wanted to believe in this, in this story. But I couldn't.

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I thought that I would be lost If you left me... But, I can't admit It. I still need you in my life, as my armor. I need your arms to protect me again. I'm not in love, I could not be It...

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I know that I'm not that strong... Let me take us home.

I looked at you, when you were ready to run away... I looked at you, eyes to eyes, tears to tears, to show you a little bit of my pain. I want you to understand what I was living, at the time where I saw this airplane, next to us. I remembered that I coud'nt cry because I promise It to you...

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I got It when I saw the date, on the phone... 21st day of October... That was another start for you and your dream. The Army, for real now. You can't imagine how much I cried he day you left. I had to go to the basket training and I was in the car, crying to let the pain go... It didn't work, at all... I wanted to be happy again. I fell in love with one guy who broke my heart so bad that now, It's still broken... One thousand pieces of my heart all around the world... You found one and You broke It, more than ever.

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"So Let me just give up... Let me just stop fighting"

I hate talking about this story to my friends because they don't want to. They are happy with their lovers. I'm just trying to forget this pain for good, now. I'm happy now and I know that every story should stay inside us. It has to be memories which let us move on and grow up. Please, be happy and If you're living this kind of heartbreak or breakup, tell yourself that you are amazing and you deserve better : smile !

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Love, _Stranger From Heaven ღ_

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