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hi guys, here is something about depression.
So, I was depressed for about a year three to four years ago. Then my sister who had to handle with it herself for a very long time helped me a lot and I got out of it.
But, now it is starting again. Everything seems so difficult, although, I know it isn't. But, today, for example, I almost had an emotional break-down in class which was kinda embarrasing but also showed me that I immediately have to act before it's too late.

So, here is my plan how I am going to put my life back together:


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This sounds stupid but it's actually really important for me. Since I am vegan for almost a year, I personally think that one reason for my depression could be some lack of nutrients. So, I will go to a nutritionist next week to check if everything is alright and to get some tips.
Also, I'm going to create a plan of the food I have to cut out of my diet because my diet the last two months practically consisted of bread and junk-food.


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Another reason is, that I did not work out the last two months and gained 7 pounds. I used to work out like 4-5 times a week and eat super healthy but I just ot out of shape in these terms.


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I have two best friends I need to see more often. Tomorrow we will meet up, so I can tell them about my situation. I am anxious about that…


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As I mentioned, I had almost an emotional break-down at school today. I think it was because I was not prepared for the day and could not participate in class. So, I will take it more seriously and learn more for every class.


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It's important to have structure in life. I don't say, you shouldn't be spontaneous but you should have something to do for the next day. If not, you will end up doing nothing and be depressed about you doing nothing.

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This article was maybe a bit dry but it helped me a lot to write everything down. (you should try it)
I hope I could help you if you are in my situation as well.
You are not alone.
xoxo e :)