• Full Name: Cristal Marinna Sanders
  • Nuckname(s): Crissy
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: April 9
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Ethnicity; She is 100% a Mermaid
  • Hometown: The State of The Mermaids


  • Hair
Image removed hair, red, and girl image hair, red, and style image hair, red, and burgundy image
She has long red hair.
  • Eyes
Temporarily removed eye, brown, and eyes image
She has got light Brown eyes.
  • Face & Body
girl, hair, and olivia image aesthetic, eye, and eyelashes image Temporarily removed girl, icon, and wet hair image
She got a tanned slim body. She got sparkles as freckles.


  • Everyday
Image by Mel girl, nike, and fitness image adidas, body, and building image fashion, outfit, and style image
She Always wears jogging & t-shirts because she loves casual clothes.
  • At School
girl, black, and grunge image Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and jacket image shoes, reebok, and fashion image
She wears a black skirt as all of The Mermaids student, a beige shirt because she is on the Sand & Shells section, a white jacket & tennis.
  • For Ball
beige, dress, and flowers image Temporarily removed shoes, fashion, and gold image aesthetic, beautiful, and beige image
Beige dresses & gold heels.
  • For Events
fashion, style, and outfit image Image removed Temporarily removed fashion, drink, and girl image
She wears white, beige & black things.

Tail & Crown

Temporarily removed mermaid, crown, and shell image Image by e.isabel mermaid, ocean, and water image
She has an orange-pink tail & shells crown.


  • Everyday
makeup, beauty, and eyes image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image
  • At School
Temporarily removed beauty, brown, and chic image
  • For Ball
makeup, glitter, and beauty image Image by Marcela Arroyo
  • For Events
brown, eyeliner, and eyes image Temporarily removed


female, quotes, and strong image food, diet, and funny image quotes, sherlock holmes, and mind image beautiful, feminism, and girls image
She is very badass & feminist. She is very funny & smart. She is also determinate.


  • Music
selena quintanilla image Temporarily removed
She sings as all of The Mermaids.
  • Sport(s)
calcio, casa, and cristiano image florida, football, and futbol image
She plays soccer.
  • Other
winterbucketlist image winter, ice, and girl image
Ice skating.


black, classy, and dark image beach, shell, and aesthetic image 90s, alternative, and drunk image sesame ice cream image
She likes The Witches, shells, partying & ice cream.


fairy, fantasy, and forest image etsy, moss, and moss green image aesthetic, autumn, and black image booty, high waisted, and jeans image
She dislikes The Elves & The Fairies, the socks & jeans.

Favorite Color(s)

burgundy, creepy, and dragon image
Red & Purple.

Significant Other

Image removed
She is single.

Old Halloween Costumes

costume, Halloween, and power rangers image faded, rp, and ellise image


adventure, harry potter, and hogwarts image mermaid image
She is a student at the Wizards School & one of the Mermaids representative. The shells & sand one.


Image removed girl, photography, and summer image Image removed Temporarily removed
She has the same powers as all of The Mermaids but also gots her speciality, she can controls sand & shells.

# Pet(s)

  • She doesn't have any pet.

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