All the jokes about drinking and alcohol

Interviewer: Your performance in the movie was outstanding!
A: Thanks, it means a lot.
I: Like, seriously, some of the scenes were spectacular. You're pretty good at it.
A: Thanks, yeah, I love acting, that's why I'm so good, I think. I mean, I could just drink this, *picks up mug * and act as if the vodka was water - I mean, no, as if the water were vodka.
*Interviewer and audience laugh *
A: I shouldn't have said that, I'm not even old enough to drink in the States. *looks at manager * I was joking!
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All the meme references

Behind the scenes of Avengers: Infinity War. Peter's death scene.
A: * Shaking Tom * Miss Keisha? Oh my f*cking god, she f*cking dead.
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Every time I get a compliment

At an event
I: You look so pretty! I feel so underdressed next to you!
A: Thanks! You'll get there, eventually.
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Surprising everybody by speaking a foreign language

In an interview in Italy with Tom and Benedict Cumberbatch
I: So, you have... * Forgets what they need to say * Non ricordo le parole in inglese. (I don't remember the words in English)
A: Puoi dirlo in italiano, io posso tradurlo. (You can say it in Italian, I can translate it) * Everybody looks surprised *
I:* Laughing * Vero? (Really)
Tom: You speak Italian?!
Ben: How many more languages do you speak that you haven't told us?
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Fan questions at Comic Con

F: What's it like to date Spider-Man in real life?
A: You know, there's actually a lot of upside down kissing involved. *Crowd laughs * I'm not even kidding.
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Every time someone asked about the rumours with my relationship with Tom (Before it was announced) and I just acted like I didn't know who he was.

I: Are you and Tom dating?
A: Who's Tom?
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And when Tom finally spilled the beans about it

In a Late Night Show interview
I: You both live alone, you're independent, but you're really close to your family, Tom, right?
Tom: Yeah, they all have an extra key. They could come into my flat to visit whenever they wanted.
I: But what if you have someone over and your mum or someone comes in to say hello?
T: Oh, it's okay. My girl has met my whole family already...
* Tom looks at me *
A: Oh my god...
I: Your girl? Who's your girl?
A: Hi, nice to meet you. It's me, im his girl.
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