I haven't written in a while (that is really really frustrating!), but I had so much to study. (yay!)

Anyway, I'm back with an article about one of my favourite books ever: Alice in Wonderland.

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I suppose that everybody knows it (the book, the movie, or both), probably since a very young age, and I think this is the most wonderful thing, that when we are young we like it because you picture out a magic world where animals are your friends and you suddenly grow up and are little again: but you truly grow up find out that Alice escapes from the reality she lives to stay or get lost in another world for a while, a strange world with strange creatures, but it's what each of us needs from time to time.

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It's incredible how a book for children can explain and tell so much, hide deeper meanings and make you think also about the world we live in

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In particular I like the fact that it's Carroll himself that tells this story to Alice and creates this wonder(ful)land for her as authors, novelists and poets tells us stories for us to escape from reality, creating our wonderland, somewhere we can be someone else and live another life and adventures with other people, creatures or whoever we want.

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Tell me if you liked it, and if you haven't already read the book I highly suggest you to, because you can magicly get lost with Alice too!

See you in the next chapter!

Lots of love as always
Erica xx