New Veterans Administration rules regarding VA Pension with Aid & Attendance go into effect October 18, 2018.

A total net worth limit of $123,600 is now in place in order to be eligible for Aid & Attendance. This limit excludes the value of the claimants primary residence (and lot up to 2 acres), as well as the value of a vehicle and personal effects. This net worth figure is the same for all Veterans regardless of their age.

Total net worth includes all countable assets + (annual gross income - net unreimbursed medical expenses UME)

A claimant may decrease assets by spending down on products or services at a fair market value.

The VA will utilize a 36 month look back period on the claimants assets and can penalize a claimant for up to 5 years of ineligibility for asset transfers and gifting including annuities and trusts. Transfers made prior to October 18, 2018 are grandfathered in and do not count towards the look back period.

Trust and annuities will be counted towards net worth within the penalty period if the claimant relinquishes their ability to liquidate the asset for their own benefit.

If you have questions on these changes or any other eligibility issues, contact the Senior Veterans Care Network and speak with a VA Accredited Agent today.