Technically, we’re all heroes. From the single mom who manages to support her household to the kid who succeeds at aiming his pee in the toilet. Truth is, everybody can be a hero for themselves or for somebody else. A hero might not have the sharpest abilities or be absurdly beautiful. A hero is a person like you and me who doesn’t give up when things get tough. Someone who fights even when there is no hope. Someone who, even when is at the lowest point of their life, has the courage to keep looking up. Someone who is not afraid to look to the future and stop grieving the past.

How can you get your own superpowers? How can you know if you are a hero in this story? It is a tough road, but nobody can become a hero just like that. The path is uneven, uncertain and unclear and that makes it the best adventure ever.

First of all, acknowledge that everybody is living their own adventure. Nobody has everything figured it out, and even if they seem like, everybody has something to work on and something to struggle with. This is supposed to help to be emphatic and humble. Nobody is aware this is your first time in the gym, that you don’t really know how to dance or that you just broke that super expensive plate. Oh well, point being that everybody is fighting their own battles should motivate you to stand up and give it a try.

Heroes are expected to fail at some point. You are not perfect, are you? Well, neither am I and I can tell you for sure that even the people we admire the most have failed, lost and suffered and will probably continue to do so. It is expected a few falls before the great leap. Just look at how ducks learn to fly. Those babies jump off a super tall tree and they actually hurt themselves! In fact, according to ducks experts, this learning stage is probably the most dangerous of their lives and they must go through it alone. Therefore, the odds of failing are high, but because of that, the odds of succeeding are the same. So, unless you are a firmly Edna Moda’s follower, grab your cape and fly on!

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You are not supposed to go through whatever you are going through alone. Even if you are a very private person and do not like to show off your pain, no matter how strong you think you are, you might need some help down the road. Not everybody deserves your trust, but do not think that nobody wants to listen to you or help you. Thanks to a lot of organizations and the 13 reasons why show there are many, like a lot of places you can get help from. Don’t ever feel like your situation is not worth sharing or talked about. Tough times reveal true friends. Open up and you will discover who really is there for you. Revelations like those are scary. However, in the end, gratefulness will be felt. Even when a hero with sidekicks doesn’t always win, you gotta be damn sure they will make the battle funnier and give the hero a lot of support. Also, it is nice to have a shoulder to cry on and somebody who tells you that everything will be fine even if you do not really believe it.

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Some victories do not come right away. In fact, it might take you years to overcome a problem or a situation that is causing you distress. The key is to keep fighting and enduring. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third The Heir and Hope to the Hooligan Tribe needed 12 books to complete his endeavor and believe me, it was not easy. It required consistency to read all of those books. All the glory goes to Cressida Cowell. In order to achieve a goal, effort is needed. Whenever you feel like the fight is over and you are losing, keep striking. Whether your goal is big or small, write one more chapter, run one more lap, forgive one more time and moreover, give yourself as many chances as you need to succeed. Even if you are not striving for victory right now, keep in mind that it is the only thing that can happen if you keep on going.

A hero does not run away. This really is very self-explanatory. A hero can feel fear but is not a coward. Courage does not come instantly, that is true, but a hero can not run away from something worth fighting for. Going out of your comfort zone is good for your soul and mental health. If it is scary if it excites you and makes you feel alive it is worth all you might have to struggle. Follow your passion and be brave.

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Problems and storms can and will change you. This can contribute to your personal growth or to your destruction. Even if the storm fails to teach you (because that what it seems at the moment, that it was all for nothing) you can meditate over the fact that you survived. A hero survives and conquers the storm. Maybe not today, nor tomorrow, but someday you’ll see how the storm taught you something you didn’t want to learn, something you needed to learn, or something that helped you discover your potential and all the battles you can win.

Every storm will leave you with some bruises and scars. This means you’ll probably won’t ever be the same again.

A hero knows that the adventure never really ends. New challenges and storms will come. A hero sees them as unavoidable and inevitable. Welcome them because they will be a lesson. Nothing can stay the same, and even when we reach the end of a story, we know it isn’t over. Life is far from over. As Peter Pan said, to die would be an awfully big adventure. So even in death, faith, compassion, and courage are eternal.

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