The aroma of coffee floated around the cafe, indistinct chatter filled the air. The night still fresh in my mind, as if it happened only yesterday. Of all the people around us, I saw only who sat in front of me - you. We were supposed to be studying, but instead, were talking about anything under the sun. It was then that I realized the feelings blooming in me like a flower in the spring season. Everything came so easy that night, as if I had no worry in the world.

You kissed me one night, both of us intoxicated, and it made me all fuzzy inside. One kiss left me wanting more, left me craving the electricity felt as your hands touched my face, my skin. I wanted to cave into you, but I knew so well we weren't supposed to exist. It killed to think that in the morning, we'd still be nothing more than friends.

On the roof top of a 16 floor building, overlooking a sleeping city, we lay in each others' arms. Away from the troubles we left on the city street, a getaway where we could be together and not have to worry. I stole glances at you every once in a while, your eyes closed, and I couldn't help but smile at the thought of having you by my side.

You suddenly said that you chose me, you chose me despite all the talk that came with my name, all the issues i had with myself. I forgot the fears that came with my feelings for you, the inevitable "what ifs" we argued about. Our argument on how maybe our timing was off or that we weren't supposed to be became nothing. So what if the timing was off? I felt safe in your arms, I felt happy with you, isn't that what mattered?

We came off to a rough start but somehow, it smoothed itself out. Now, I realize, the longer we go on, the more I fear losing you and that beats any other fear I have. I'd choose the hardships with you over an easy way with someone else. I know you're someone who'll annoy the hell out of me, but I know I'd love you to bits anyway.