Today I decided to share my past month in music, shows, and youtube, as well as share my October Playlist with everyone. Again, my monthly playlists are not the songs I will listen to throughout the next month, they are a collection of songs I discovered in said month. Anyways, I may start doing these every month if my month is as interesting as this one.


Stoney by Post Malone

  • So this month, I have listened to this album on repeat. There are a few albums that I will list, but basically I have just filtered through them all month. Just album after album after album and then back.

Ruin Your Party by Scotty Sire

  • Content Creators are no longer just making Vlogs or How to Videos, they are now making music and music videos and full fledged albums! Some of them are kind of bad and comical, much like a parody, but others are so amazing. This album is a great example of that. Also, it speaks directly to the soul of one with social anxiety.

Trench by Twenty One Pilots

  • Yet another amazing album to be released this month, but this one just so happens to be non other than TOP. Honestly, I think this is one of their best albums, which is a big statement as Blurryface is an all time favorite.

Videos, Shows, and Movies

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  • I am not going to lie, as of now I am only on episode 4 and I am not enjoying it much. Maybe it is because I rarely watch tv without doing something else too, like writing a blog post, but I find it hard to follow and have found myself rewatching the episodes to catch back up on what I missed. Also, I was very confused at first because I thought it was going to be like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and then they started talking about the Dark Lord, and now I just do not know what is happening. Is it like the Teenage Witch or should I forget I watched that as a kid and start fresh?

Riverdale Season 3

  • Okay, so this season, currently being aired but can watch on the CW app, is a strange one. My sisters and I all love Riverdale and watch it religiously; however, we have different opinions on this season. My sister has literally disliked every episode thus far (which is like 3 or 4). She doesn't like the way they are telling the story, she doesn't like the story, and she finds that they are trying too hard with the story, she doesn't like the story, and she finds that they are trying too hard with the story. I, however, love this season. It is very interesting to me, and it always has me gasping at what they are going to do next. On the other hand, I do agree with her on the fact that they are trying too hard. I mean they have a lot going on in this season, we can save some for next season, ya think?

The Sinner Season 2

  • This is not yet on Netflix, the first season is and I recommend it, but I have been catching up with it online because I cannot wait for it to be streamable. I find this series so interesting and fresh. I feel like I can usually predict where a show is going and what may happen next, and maybe it is the old age, but this show keeps me on my toes. It always has me gasping. I am not sure when the second season will be available on Netflix, but hopefully next month.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

  • While I catch up on the second season of The Sinner, I also use the same site to watch this season of AHS. I am a big AHS fan and count the days down till the next season is available on Netflix, which is why I am watching this one online. I am honestly loving this season, it combines my two favorite seasons, so why wouldn't I love it? It also makes me excited for the seasons to come. With Roanoke and Cult, I was afraid the writers lost their mojo because I found those seasons to be quite lacking in comparison to before, but this season gave me hope for what is to come.

Shane Dawson's Jake Paul Series

  • So Shane Dawson made a 8 part series on Jake Paul and was basically answering questions like "Why is he the way he is", "is he a sociopath," and overall questions about drama surrounding Jake and Team 10, and I could not stop watching it. I learned so much about Sociopaths and Jake and Team 10. I think Shane did an amazing job with the whole thing (right down to the dramatic editing and 'overreacting' I would have done the same and reacted the same, guess we are just the same person... oops.) and I do not think anyone else on YouTube could have done a better job. I heard people complain that Jake wasn't in it until episode 5, but I think the researching parts and the education of what a sociopath is were very important parts to include in the series. Basically, round of applause for the King of YouTube, the only direction he and Andrew are going is up. Loved it guys.


My October Playlist

  • Without me- by Halsey
  • Trust my Lonely- by Alessia Cara
  • GOKU - by Jaden Smith
  • Close your Eyes- by Kim Petras
  • Count it Up- by Fame on Fire
  • Every Step that I Take- by Tom Morello
  • Fake Friends- by Joel Adams
  • Alone With You- by RKCB
  • GIRL'S IN THEIR 20'S- by Luke Christopher
  • Back of my Mind- by TwoFeet
  • Hold on, We're Going Home (Cover)- by Volumes
  • Sunflower- by Post Malone and Swae Lee
  • It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)- by The 1975
  • Fingers- by ZAYN
  • Woman Like Me- by Little Mix and Nicki Minaj
  • Baby You're a Haunted House- by Gerard Way
  • Killer Queen (cover)- by 5 Seconds of Summer
  • wonderful life- by Bring Me The Horizon

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