My favourite songs at the moment

Since I love reading all the creative articles you guys write, I thought it was time to do one myself. I love checking out new music and so I decided to show you guys my favourite songs that Iยดve listened to over the past months.

1. Kuwada - Cherry Cola
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2. Panic! At The Disco: High Hopes
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3. MKTO - How Can I Forget
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4. Clara Mae - Sorry For Writing All The Songs About You
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5. ayokay - Stay With Me ft. Jeremy Zucker
6. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You
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8. Conan Gray - Generation Why
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9. No Rome - Narcissist ft. The 1975
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10. Kane Strang - My Smile Is Extinct
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I can totally recommend all of these songs! Enjoy :)

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