Why is it that we are so terrified of death? When in fact, death is the easiest part. It's a blank page that comes after "The End" of a book so full of complexity, every chapter a climax of its own. A blank page of nothing yet everything - a paradox. Nothingness that comes after and the "everything" that people remember you by just to hold on to the memory of you.

Is death not the easiest part? The darkness, that started as a speck of dust, now suddenly so overwhelming, finally eats you up. Leaving you stuck in an asylum covered in skin, trapped against your will. A mask of smiles, except the emptiness in your eyes silently scream for help. How come no one ever sees through our masks? We're left only with the illusion, now, that darkness is our only friend.

Death is a paradox because when you finally cut the line, nothing follows but that's when everyone suddenly sees "everything" in you. Suddenly, everyone remembers everything you've done and everything you could've been. The funny thing, though, is that they never cared enough to notice you drowning in emptiness, never cared enough to listen to your cries for help. Death is not the best option, but is definitely is the easiest part of it all.