Hello! This is my second Playlist. You Guys really liked my first one. So here are my favorite songs at the moment........

Gengre: Kpop


by RM

jin, bts, and yoongi image china, china town, and colors image

by Suga (BTS)

bts, yoongi, and suga image aesthetic, answer, and jin image

killing me
by iKON

Temporarily removed cake, dessert, and food image

by SHINee

asian, band, and group image aesthetic, asian, and food image

by Sunmi

girl, idol, and sunmi image kpop, sunmi, and siren image

by RM

rm, bts, and namjoon image red, aesthetic, and seoul image

Through the night
by IU

iu and kpop image iu, lee jieun, and kdrama image

by Lee Hi

kpop, yg, and lee hi image aesthetic, asian, and beautiful image

so what
by BTS

bts, jimin, and jin image bts, jin, and rm image