Hey everybody!
How are you all? I'm on my Fall Break, hallelujah, so I have time for myself. So, it's November. Which means it's Nanowrimo. (If you don't know what it is it mean: it's a month to write things).I'm trying to get back to writing, so I will do the Writing Challange this month. And if it's go as planned, I will write in my diary and maybe restart my book too. So, I will post daily this month and twice on Sunday.(So, a lot of posts are coming from me).


1. Explain the meaning of your name.

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So, my name is Nikolett. Which is a Hungarian version of the italion Nikol. My name means(in hungarian) that I am sensitive,have my head in the clouds,have artistic traits(i don't have any hehe). Harmony and peace is a most for me in relationships and in groups too(it's really true). However my thoughts and reactions are quick, I understand people's emition hardly. Sometimes have difficulties when it comes to speaking.
My name was given to me by my father.