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Mother: Selene Hollingsworth Father: Casper Hollingsworth

More of Nova's Outfits:

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Nova loves wearing warm-colored clothing. She wears lots of orange, brown, grey, and burgundy. She also loves wearing huge sweaters.

Nova's Body:

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Nova has a perfect female figure, and a slim waist.

Nova's facial features:

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Nova has bold eyebrows, long brunette hair, glowy skin, and sometimes wears her glasses.

More of Nova's bedroom / house:

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Nova has her own balcony attached to her bedroom. She collects fuzzy blankets and loves to curl up and watch movies or read a book on her balcony. She has a cute desk where she writes her family and friends letters as well as doing her homework. She loves decorating for halloween and tries to make her home entrance as inviting and friendly as possible. She loves to hang up string lights on her tree in front of her home. She spends a lot of her time in the living room watching movies with Toby.

Nova's hobbies:

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Nova LOVES sailboating in the summer. She also enjoys going on long road trips and sightseeing. She reads plenty of books and loves building forts to read under. In her free time Nova enjoys fixing up old cars.

Best Friends:

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Nova's best friends who she spends most of her time with are Carter (left) and Sky (right).

Close girl friends:

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Stella (top left) considers Nova her best friend. Jasmine (top right) is best friends with Stella and often gets jealous of Stella's admiration of Nova. Kennedy (bottom left brunette) and Kadri (bottom left blonde) are twin sisters and hang out with Nova a lot. They are the "party girls" of the school. Marigold (bottom right) goes by Mary. She is a sweet, loving, and an innocent girl. She's the "angel" of the school.

Best guy friend:

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Nova's best guy friend is River. He is a quiet and intimidating guy when you first meet him, but once you get to know him he is a giant teddy bear. He was the first person Nova met at Jacob Bailey and is her shadow, spending as much time with her as he possibly can. He protects Nova and cares about her more than the average person ever would. He would take a bullet for Nova, no doubt about it.

Close guy friends:

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Leon (first), Cliff (second), Blaze (third), Michael and Cole (fourth), Kai (fifth) is Kaui's (sixth) older brother. Diego (seventh) and Jax (eighth). Cliff and River are bestfriends and are always by Nova's side. Leon is best friends with Jax as they are on the same football team together. Blaze, Kai, and Diego are all close friends and often goof around with one another. Kaui is referred to as Kai's "shadow" because he follows his brother around and befriends all of his friends.

Nova's Car:

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More of Aster:

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Aster is a unique and interesting town; they have an abundance of museums. Downtown Aster has lots of little shops and family owned restaurants. Aster has a river that runs through it and also has plenty of farmland on the outskirts of town. It has forests surrounding it and is a great place for camping or hiking. They have old historic homes everywhere as well as townhouses and manors.

Nova's Job:

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Nova's job is dog sitting/dog walking. When families of Aster go away for vacation or to see family, they always call Nova. Nova is well liked amongst the town and everyone trusts her with their beloved pets.

Nova's second favorite holiday (Christmas comes first):

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Nova's second favorite holiday is Halloween! She loves taking Toby trick-or-treating and watching horror movies with her family and friends. Her family throws a Halloween party every year and many people attend.

Nova's volunteer work:

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Nova runs her own volunteer campaign, called "Giving Smiles". In the fall, she makes hundreds of s'mores and brings them to homeless shelters and also gives out Halloween candy to them. She sells pre-carved pumpkins and donates the money to homeless and animal shelters.

Nova's School:

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Nova's Personality:

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Nova is a very quirky, kind, and humorous person.

Nova's Pet:

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Nova has a Jack Russell puppy she named Pete. She takes him everywhere with her.

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