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Welcome to my 11th article which I will be giving you Tips for success and I want you to Imagine yourself on future, what you want to become and how you will be looking like.

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  • Let's start now

If you want to do something, do it now! Do it today…

Or if there are a series of tasks, start today…..

So, just think of it as its icecream… If I do not finish it in time, it will melt away..

So I have less time, I should start now.. and so should you…

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✿ Tips

→ Wright who you want to become

→ Chart your start + Schedule for success

→ Start Now, don't wait for the perfect time. make this time perfect and as soon as you start as soon you get results.

→ Start small now, then take step by step upgrading it.

→ Start with what you have. don't wait to have something to start doing. You already have what you need and make something out of it.

→ Be patience with your results, Results will not come within a week. maybe it will take this hall year and then there will come crazy results. Just work and leave the results to come in the time they want to come + At the beginnings when you start you will not get results.

→ All Greatness start with failure. If you win you won't learn something new, But if you fail you start thinking, and when you think you get new Ideas.

→ Be passionate about it and attache to your work not to your result. when you love what you are doing you never get bored from it and you will succeed. So enjoy every single thing at what you are doing and do what you love to do.

→ Have Fun + fall in love with your journey.

→ Get motivated every day by Quotes, videos or articles. Then take action, try to do one thing every single day that takes you closer to your Goal. Don't waste your hall life planning and motivating yourself.

→ Want it badly enough.

→ Believe in yourself, your work and the person you want to become.

→ Surround yourself with people that you can help + people that are in your level and have similar dreams and goals + people that already sucied so you could learn things from them.

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✿ Questions that could help you to success

1). what dream you are willing not to quit in?

2). what will you do this week to focus on making it happen?

3). what are three clear goals that you want to accomplish?

4). what pain is motivating you to success?

5). How will you maintain positivity when thing get rough/

6). How can you just start small today on your big dreams?

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  • Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading it or I help you with something.

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Published on 1.November.2018