This is the start of my playlist series! As I mentioned on my previous article (I'll link it below) from now on I'm going to post twice a month a playlist - the first of every month a playlist which will include the songs I am currently listening to, and somewhere in the middle of a month a playlist with a theme.

I will explain a little more at the end of this article (about my series and the songs listed) but HERE WE GOOO!

Coin - Talk Too Much
Small Talk - Connected
Imagine Dragons - Natural
Linkin Park - Skin to Bone
Linkin Park - Powerless
Galantis feat. MAX - Satisfied
Niall Horan - Slow Hands
ZEDD - Happy Now
Shawn Mendes - In My Blood
Twenty One Pilots - Trench (the album)
I have literally been listening almost only the Twenty One Pilots new album Trench, it's soo good and I'm such a fan!!
My favorites from the album are Smithereens and The Hype, and I also like Morph, Bandito and Cut My Lip sooo muuchh but they're all good.
Here are all the "Trench" songs listed.

My Blood
Neon Gravestones
The Hype
Nico And The Niners
Cut My Lip
Pet Cheetah
Leave the City


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SO this was the playlist. I kept it pretty short this time because I added all the Twenty One Pilots songs. I aim to put around 10-20 songs /playlist so that they are not too short but not too much.

I hope that you are and will be inspired of my playlists or find new music to listen to. <3

I have already dozens of playlist themes already planned out I'm so exited!!!!

I might even set up a blog for this, because I'm sooo buzzing with ideas and then post some extras there - I don't want to spam Weheartit because this isn't really a blog site.

So, yes, see you again in a couple of weeks!

<3 V (that's me, heh)