Elle Fanning and redhead image Temporarily removed eye, girl, and eyes image freckles, rpg, and ginger image
Pale skin. Red Fire hair. Fire colored eyes but turns white when she uses dark magic


witch image art, black, and body image tattoo, rings, and hands image beauty, blonde, and makeup image
Make up. Black Nails. Fingers Tattoo


candle, hand, and fire image aesthetic, alternative, and autumn image candle, girl, and light image candle, hand, and light image
Burned Sugar, Wax and Candle Smoke


Halloween, pumpkin, and black image fashion, style, and moon image aesthetic, black, and dark image ring, aesthetic, and hand image


black, hair, and style image rings, ring, and black image accessories, black, and girl image black, gothic, and lace image
Black Hat. Rings. Choker. Lace Gloves


light, night, and house image house, home, and victorian image Image by em haunted, house, and wood image
Haunted House


fire, dance, and witch image witch image
Fire Control
Inspiring Image on We Heart It witch, magic, and book image
Green Magic
butterfly, vintage, and animal image nature and wicca image
Healing Powers
Image by Martin Lafleur books and wicca image
Kitchen Skills
moon, aesthetic, and alternative image moon, night, and dark image
Moon Energy
candle and black and white image violin, music, and black and white image
Music Magic
accessories, fashion, and gold image accessories, fashion, and gold image
Dark Magic
rain, umbrella, and grunge image grunge, lightning, and sky image
Storm Energy
hogwarts, ravenclaw, and aesthetic image magic, witch, and crystal image
Astronomy Magic
alternative, black, and macabre image mine, occult, and tarot image
dark, Queen, and witch image diy, seaside, and wind image
Sea Control
rum and voodoo image magic, voodoo, and witchcraft image
Voodoo Practices
candle, witch, and ouija image ouija board, ouija, and ghost image
Talk with deads
broken, creepy, and doll image black and white, society, and girl image
Mind Control
magic, beach, and sea image magic, glitter, and potion image

Witchcrafts and Tools

candle, fire, and aesthetic image Image by Alexandra
crystal, red, and witch image crystal image
discover, history, and italy image skull image
witch, magic, and book image aesthetic, alternative, and artistic image
aesthetic, decor, and dried flowers image magic image
Crystal Balls
alchemy, pendulum, and etsy image necklace, crystal, and sun image
ebay, handmade, and spoons image witch, dark, and magic image
Cooking Tools
potions image aesthetic, draco malfoy, and harry potter image
book, witch, and magic image witch, book, and magic image
Magic Books
cards, tarot, and tarots image tarot, witch, and moon image
doll, eyes, and blue image black and white, creepy, and doll image
Dolls and Marionettes


witch, coven, and vintage image Image by Traceyanne McCartney witch and lady image country, dark, and dress image
They are five girls. Her friends are:
beauty image alice, fantasy, and asethetic image
Joan Wytte. Also known as the White Witch. Clairvoyant, seer, diviner and healer who eventually became possessed by the Devil.
autumn image Temporarily removed
Agnes Waterhouse. Was hanged for using sorcery to kill livestock, cause illness, as well as bring about the death of her husband. Had a deal with the Devil and wasn't afraid to say so. The Brave witch.
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Maret Jonsdotter. Also known as Big Märet. Could walk on water and turn herself into a crow. Frequently tricked men, attended witch sabbaths and carried the devils mark on her finger.
grunge, hipster, and redhead image hair, hairstyle, and aesthetic image
Alice Kyteler. Used black magic, sorcery potions and possessed a lesser demon of Satan. Poisoned and murdered her four rich husbands.


  • Eventually is possessed by the Devil
  • Carries the Devil mark on her body
  • Uses bodily ingredients such as hair or teeth or nails
  • Howling at the moon
  • A card reader and game changer
  • Tattoos sigils and spells all over their body and they seem to move when you aren't looking
  • Rests under the moon and whispers magic in their sleep
  • Uses astral projection to explore and learn and play with ghosts
  • Somehow already knows what you're going to say
  • A knower of secrets
  • Incredible visualization makes their dreams realities
  • Almost transparent at times like a ghost or vision
  • Frequents graveyards and learns from the ghosts and crows
  • Will help you learn what you want to know for a price
  • Rides their broom with reckless abandon
  • Plays with rain and dances with lightning and shouts thunder