In Greek mythology Zeus have more than 20 children. Two of them are Artemis and Apollo. They were the result of an affair with Leto. This time I'll talk about Artemis, in other post about Apollo.

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Artemis was the goddess of hunt, moon, chastity and wild animals.

She was related to his bow and silver arrows which were used to hunt animals (without pain) for gods.

Artemis lived in the forest were she also trained the amazon, certain town of warrior women, who did not admit any man among them.

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As a young virgin, Artemis aroused the interest of many gods and men, but none of them managed to win her heart. So, many times they tried to raped her.

Artemis, the goddess of forests and hills, was worshiped throughout ancient Greece. His most famous places of worship were the island of Delos (her birthplace).

It should also be noted that this month, November, is her month.