I decided to started to write new book if you can name it like this.
I will be added as I can for 1 parts (chapters) and I hope you like my idea.

It's mix of Pretty Little Liars and book K. McManus "One Of Us Is Lying"


Everyone has their own secrets. Something you can't even tell your family or friends. But ... sooner or later the secret ceases to seem to them ...


She woke up with the sound of an alarm clock. Her blond hair, mixed with dark strands, spread over the pillow.
Another day.

In the ears music. The wind in her hair. Her twin sister Claire was talking to one of her minions. Immediately near the school, they dispersed on different sides. Claire to fashionable popular friends, and Courtney to the only friend in this place - Daphne.

Before, Courtney was different. She was close to her sister and hanging out with the very fashionable, popular company, but ... everything changed. Now she is what she is. Straight blond hair with dark strands, black jeans, black boots, leather and black T-shirts, sweaters. Yes, everything changed after that incident.

Everyone in life has its own turning point, when the whole life changes and you rethink everything that surrounds you.

- I just can not understand why you are friends with me? Shouldn't you make peace with your sister and become part of her group again?

- I am friends with you because you are a good person, and in that past life I lacked good people. And I do not want to become part again, as this “group” put it.

- Still do not understand. - with a sigh said Daphne.

During dinner, as always, I had to tell my parents how the first day passed in the new academic year. As she walked past the twin room, she noticed that Claire was sneaking out from the window.

- If you tell parents, I will tell that the whole summer, when you went with me to the “beach”, was in fact sharpening at the bar.
- I was not even going to. Do whatever you want. I do not care.
I can not believe that once we were close. We used to sneaked out of the window together to go to a party in secret from parents or to hang out with friends.

- Try it on.
Courtney circled around.
- You really suits this dress.
- U mean us?
- Yes, us.

"Dear Diary,
Today is another day. One more night. It hurts me because of memories and Claire and I are no longer spending time together. I just could not pretend that everything is fine. Everyone experiences their bad days, but my bad day has been lasting for a year.
- C

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