Name: Lucy Whisper

grunge and icon image glitter, eye, and gold image aesthetic, alternative, and blonde image Temporarily removed
white hair, freckles, pale

Age: 19

pink, balloons, and silver image cake, pink, and bitch image floral, food, and ‎macarons image balloons, party, and pink image


mary poppins aesthetic image aesthetic and blue image casual, clothes, and clothing image Temporarily removed
shirts and pastel colors


80s, 90s, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed cat, Queen, and pink image quotes, baby, and movie image
empowered and sensitive


book, witch, and spell image tea, blue, and cup image book, coffee, and tea image book, glasses, and grunge image
read and tea


architecture, aesthetic, and art image home, interior, and house image Temporarily removed bathroom, bath, and interior image
vintage hause


winter, snow, and animal image animal, deer, and cute image animal, cute, and deer image animal, deer, and cute image

Favorite magic

Image by make money && smoke ganja witch image witch, magic, and aesthetic image witch and magic image
guess the future