I might have caught feelings for my best friend or well now my ex best friend. He had feelings for me before but, i didn't feel the same way. And now i just want his attention and love. Monday oct, 29, 2018 was the day i realized I was losing my best friend to some girl. I confronted him that i felt like we were losing our friendship and we were. He immediately switched topics LIKE I DONT CARE ABOUT FORTNITE. Can you just listen to me please? That night he texts me saying ' Ik we're not as close anymore, and im sorry. i know I've been putting her before you, and im sorry for that too.' I don't need a sorry i just want my friend back. Someone who would always be there for me and have my back. Not someone who picks someone else over their best friend when their best friend needs them the most. And im suffering here. I just need a friend who can actually be here for me.