5. List five places you want to visit

I have already been in some of these places but I still want visit them:

  • Paris
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Im deeply in love with this city, once I stayed there for 5 days and I really loved it! Im planning to learn french and stay in Paris for some time.
  • London
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Also been there for three weeks in a school trip, lived in native's home and studied there. Wonderful city, and I also plan to come back some day.
  • New York
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I know I'm mentioning the typical three big cities in the world but it is the true. Never been to NYC, must go.
  • Australia
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I have heard the most wondelfull things about Australia, people say that if you go there you must move from one place to another. The first thing that comes to my mind whaen I think of Australia is "adventure".
  • Norway
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Here's the thing: I love the movie "How to Train your Dragon", and this place reminds me a lot to it. I also love all the vikings stuff, and the old towns that it seems taken out of a fairytale.

There was a lot of other places that came to my mind while doing this, like Tokyo, Italy, Barcelona, but this are the ones I picked. Enjoy :)