That sleep paralysis dream was only the beginning of an entire new string of strange phenomena.

It wasn’t unusual for my boyfriend (now fiancé!) to stay the night at my house. My parents were okay with it since we had been together well over a year at the time that this was happening.

He usually talks in his sleep but mostly about things that have to do with his work. (He once trained me on how to run a machine at the factory he used to work at in his sleep!) One night I was up late working on an essay. C decided not to wait up for me and he laid down on the bed. A few hours after he fell asleep he sat straight up on the bed, pointed at the closet and yelled, “Someone is in here!”

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I was really freaked out by this and everything else that was happening so I decided to tell one of my good friends about what was going on. She was very intrigued, told me that she has always been fascinated by the paranormal, and explained that she was a sensitive. This means that she is more sensitive to paranormal beings and happenings. I decided to invite her over to show her the space and see what she thought.

When she first stepped into my house I could tell she felt a bit uncomfortable. To ease the tension I decided to give her a tour of the house. We weren’t even two steps into the living room when the television turned on by itself. We both just gave each other a knowing look. It was as if the spirits were trying to impress her.

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Eventually we got to my room. To no surprise, we were greeted by an open closet door. She asked if she could step inside and sure enough, it was freezing in there. It was at least fifteen degrees colder in there than in the rest of the room. She stood in there silently for a few minutes and then asked to leave.

She said that there is a possibility that a powerful and negative entity had taken refuge in my closet. Though there was no clear solution, it felt great to hear someone confirm what I had been thinking all along.

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After careful consideration, and exhaustion from all of the activity in that room, I decided it was time to get out of there. So I spoke with my parents and they were kind enough to let C and I move into the apartment in the basement of our house.

That Summer, as we were preparing to move my things into the basement, we were also planning to take a vacation to Washington D.C. We were both excited about moving and the trip, mostly because we were excited to get away from all of the activity, temporarily by traveling to D.C. and permanently by moving out of that bedroom.

The ease that this thought gave me did not last long.

On the first night of our vacation I had a dream I was at home laying in my bed. In the dream I woke to a constant knocking noise that was coming from somewhere in the house. That’s when I noticed that my bedroom door was open. Nervously, I got out of bed and started walking downstairs.

My heart started pounding, and I was shaking from fear. When I reached the first floor of the house I could hear the knocking getting louder. It was coming from the basement.

I walked over to the open door, the bright light hurt my tired eyes as adrenaline pumped through my veins. I started to pray: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you…”

I started to descend the steps: “Blessed are you, and blessed are the fruit of thy womb; Jesus.” I pressed my hands to my sides in an attempt to get them to stop shaking. “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners right now and...”

As I turned at the corner of the stairs, my heart stopped. Tears welled in my eyes and I could barely catch my breath. I was startled as I was greeted by the sight of three demon-like girls. Their dark hair was covering their faces and they were dressed in all black. They had the distinct scent of sulfur coming from them. They joined me in finishing my prayer, their deep raspy voices saying, “at the hour of our death, amen.”

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I jumped up in bed, covered in sweat and shaking, only to find myself in a hotel room thousands of miles away.

The dream scared me to my core. They were waiting for me in the basement, as if to say, “Not even moving out of that room could keep you safe.”


Hey everyone! Thank you so much for allowing me to share my experiences with you! I hope you have all enjoyed Blog-tober! Happy Halloween!

-xx Lenny