I just want to say three things to you. First of all, live your life. Do not live the life of your parents, sisters, friends, teachers or anyone else. This is your life. Find out what you like or at least, find out what you don't like.

This is where the second part intertwines; make mistakes. Make the biggest and smallest mistakes you can think of. Or better yet, don't think. Yes, go hookup with guys you'll never see, yes skip school, yes try all the drugs there is. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, otherwise you'll have regrets.

Last of them is: be real. And not in the; I'm not wearing make-up, don't ''pretend'' to be better real. Just be real. Most important is to be real with yourself. Let yourself have feelings, and in the end you have to accept those feelings.

Obviously I can't tell this to the girl I used to be, however I can tell it to the girl I am right now, which is good enough.