here are some songs youngjae posted about on his instagram, from his spotify playlist, or that he's sang before

+brown sugar - d'angelo
+versace on the floor - bruno mars
+harriett jones - eric benet
+stop - 더 어쿠스틱 (the acoustic)
+one rainy day - acourve
+into the fall - jain
+lucid dreams - juice wrld
+keep on - kehlani
+my apology letter - kim yeonwoo
+breathe - lauv
+24k magic - bruno mars
+paris in the rain - lauv
+good man - ne-yo
+premonition - paul kim
+how could i... - pollen
+actually - pollen
+memento - solid
+when i was your man - bruno mars
+sunday morning - maroona 5
+i like me better - lauv
+sorry - justin bieber
+gotta go - chungha
+location - khalid
+love is on the way - billy porter
+happy - soran
+coaster - khalid
+psycho, pt. 2 - russ
+one word - elliott yamin
+come through for you - javier colon
+hurricane - eric benet
+shape of you - ed sheeran
+chunky - bruno mars
+talk - khalid, disclosure

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