I've always wanted to write a book or at least come up with the names for all the characters and their aesthetic. So here're some of them.

I think that I would write like a fantasy book or something for teens but not a romance for sure. I mean there could be some couples but they wouldn't be like main thing in the book.


froy gutierrez and froy image book, the great gatsby, and aesthetic image robin williams, quotes, and life image book, rain, and autumn image
He likes books, especially The Great Gatsby, movies and listening to music on rainy days. He is not very popular at school but he doesn't mind it. In fact he loves it beacuse he is an introverted person.


fashion, style, and coffee image book, reading, and aesthetic image planet, space, and wallpaper image Temporarily removed
She loves Harry Potter, space and art. Like a lot.


ezra miller, boy, and kevin image Temporarily removed slytherin, green, and harry potter image slytherin, green, and venom image
He's very sarcastic but very mysterious boy. He likes long car rides and he'd probably be Slytherin in Hogwarts.


Temporarily removed sunglasses, aesthetic, and vintage image 80s, vintage, and aesthetic image Image by Zara Gómez
A girl who really likes vintage stuff and TvShow Friends. She's very open-minded and she loves her frineds a lot.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Marvel, red, and wallpaper image red, aesthetic, and nintendo image twenty one pilots, red, and theme image
He is like a game and comics nerd. He LIKES color red and Twenty One Pilots. He's always talking about some new movies with his friends and he is kinda like popular with girls.


curly hair, girl, and makeup image Image removed home, decoration, and room image Temporarily removed
Very popular girl but she doesn't really care. Everyone loves her because she is always kind and she likes to help others. She has a boyfriend and she loves him very much.


13 reasons why and ross butler image room, bedroom, and indie image fall, nature, and travel image Temporarily removed
Very simple human being. He likes nature and plants a lot, and he loves his skateboard. Girls like him a lot, boys too but he is single.